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All Websites designed and developed by Image Graphic & Website Design Studio are hosted in Sydney by our LightSpeed Servers, they are fast (up to 9 times faster) at loading your website, have 3 back up power supplies and are managed 24/7.

Search any of our customers and you will find them at the top of their respected rankings in their industries, the reason apart from well built websites with good friendly SEO is that they are hosted locally and they load fast on the viewers screens

Whom hosts your website and where it is hosted can mean the difference between ranking on Page 1 and not ranking at all. Many companies offer hosting but in actual fact they are hosting your website with someone else, it could be local but in most cases it is overseas where it is cheap to host. The problem is that these cheap hosts are slow and do have times when they may be down for a number of reasons.

If you are currently hosting with someone else and not happy with the service or costs associated with their service you can transfer your site over to us. We arrange this and we organise this to be done after hours so that your website is not down during business hours

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