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CMS Website Design & Functionality

CMS or Content Management System is a must for any business website.

cms websites, macarthur website design, narellan web designers, website development camden, oran park, websites, designers, graphics, harrington groveWhen you have a CMS Website you can simply go in to it through a secure administrator area of the website and make changes to the wording, add photos, create new pages and the beauty of it is that if need to you could assign various staff to look after different parts of the website and they can all login and work on their subject at the same time.

We also offer all our customers the back up they need and if they don’t have time or unsure of what to do, we will make the updates for them free of charge all they have to do is supply us the wording and or pictures they want on their website.

And of course, when we build a new CMS Website for you, we train you on how to update the site when you need to. This takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the level you want to be involved with and we don’t charge for this training. CMS is very easy and to put it in to perspective, if you can use a word document, you can use our CMS based websites.

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